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FACT provides funds to: 

North Shore LIJ Breast Cancer Initiative FundA comprehensive program that conducts community outreach and education. Improves and promotes excellence in the quality of patient care and service. Advances research and educates physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoryHighly innovative research at CSHL is among the most progressive in the world and focuses on understanding the causes of breast cancer at the cellular level.  Dr. Mikala Egeblad, Live Imaging of Breast Cancer Tumor Microenvironment which promises to lead to new therapeutic strategies for breast cancer.  Dr. Michael Wigler, DNA Diagnostic Tool for Breast Cancer which will guide treatment choices and reduce risks associated with therapy.    Developed a powerful tool which promises to make SNS (single nucleus sequencing) a monitor for early detection of cancer cells in the blood.

NYU Langone Medical Center - Dr. Sylvia Formenti leads the Breast Cancer Research Program at the NYU Cancer Institute.    She is the leading researcher in new and exciting breast cancer research.  She is also the Sandra and Edward H. Meyer Professor of Radiation Oncology and the Chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology at NYU Langone Medical Center.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation - The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) advances the world’s most promising research to eradicate breast cancer in our lifetime.

South Nassau Communities HospitalCommunity Programs

1. Education: Breast Models for teaching patients breast self-examinations using the “teach by touch” method so women can learn the feel of five different lumps simulated to duplicate real tumors. Women can feel the model in their hands or over their own breast.

2. Community: Dinner coupons for breast cancer patients in need of special financial services.

The Breast Angel Committee at Winthrop Hospital - The Winthrop Breast Health Program created The Breast Angel Committee to address the unique economic and emotional needs of breast cancer patients. committed to support the programs of the breast service areas, from diagnosis to recovery.  A diagnosis of breast cancer can have a profound effect on the entire family, spouses and children undergo a variety of emotional responses for which they must find ways to cope. Daily routines are interrupted and often family members must take on new and challenging roles. Winthrop Breast Health Program created the Breast Angel Committee to help patients address the non- medical issues of breast cancer and deliver comprehensive care.

Free Wig Program - Our program supplies the out of pocket expense that insurance companies will not cover.

College Scholarship Fund  - Our program supplies a one-time college scholarship for a student whose family is affected by breast cancer

Casting for Recovery – Breast cancer support group using fly fishing to heal sufferers both mentally and physically.

Cure Mommy’s Breast CancerProvides help and resources to breast cancer survivors who need it most.