FACT is pleased to have been featured in a variety of publications highlighting the work we are doing to raise awareness and to eradicate breast cancer as a life threatening disease.

All of us at FACT would like to thank these publications and let them know how much we appreciate their contribution to our cause by providing awareness to the community.


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PINKOUT on September 21, 2012


Pulse Magazine December 2011

Linda Ferrante


FACT (Find a Cure Today) Breast Cancer Foundation

Linda Ferrante of Old Bethpage took life in stride—never sweating the small stuff—until she was diagnosed with breast cancer more than 11 years ago. Then, she was shocked. “Your mortality, that’s your initial reaction,” Ferrante said.

But she made it through cancer and chemotherapy in one year. Thinking of her young daughters, Jacqueline and Janine, she set out to increase breast cancer awareness in her community using her experience planning fashion shows for the Old Bethpage Parent-Teacher Association. Ferrante went to friends and family for help, organized (FACT) Find a Cure Today breast cancer foundation and then hosted the first-annual Ladies Night Out Gala in 2002.

The Ladies Night Out Gala is the foundation’s signature event, but Ferrante wants to see a proliferation of FACT outings, lunches, fashion shows and Zumba classes crop up across the Island. So she’s doing what every great director does—delegating. Many of her 24 FACT committee members are taking on individual projects to increase the foundation’s fundraising potential.

Each year, she’s poured her energy into the charity, spending as much time on it as she would a full-time job. Her yearly gala is only a few hours of fun for guests, but in February Ferrante starts organizing meetings, composing invites and finding sponsors to donate raffle prizes. That’s not even considering the work of preparing the catering hall, Carlyle On The Green, or the post-gala job of channeling the proceeds to select charities, including Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the North Shore-LIJ Health System Breast Initiative.

Ferrante’s passion for advocacy falls into her family life, too. Her paternal aunt had breast cancer, and Ferrante wanted to see if she carried the dangerous BRCA1 gene. If the test yielded a positive result, it would have major consequences for her daughters. But, the test s

howed she was in the clear. “When I hear of younger people getting diagnosed or hear of someone who has passed away from breast cancer, it just kills me,” Ferrante said.

That’s why she continues to fundraise and work with FACT. It’s not only for her daughters, but for women who skip a mammogram one year, or ignore a lump out of fear, waiting to get it examined before it’s too late. Getting the word out about the disease means fewer deaths, a cause Ferrante says is worth fighting for.


FACT is also featured in the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Winter 2004 Newsletter which describes the work of Dr. Senthil Muthuswamy to which we are commited to supporting. (280k PDF file)


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